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Walt Disney stock is a communication services company, specializing in entertainment with over 150.000 employees. Several of the large income streams include Disney parks, Disney television (including Disney channel), comics, and license distribution. Although chances are you will think of Disney world when the company name is mentioned, it does so much more and has plenty of diversification.

To make up your own mind, the can find DIS live stock price above. Further information provided is price development over time and if the market is open right now.

Disney stock (DIS) page summary

Browse the above-summarised information for a quick overview. This involves the date of DISs' next earnings report, Earnings per Share, Market Cap, and price to earnings. Directly below, you can find DIS's company profile description and sector & industry highlighted. Specifically of interest when diversifying!

Disney stock live price

Find the latest DIS stock price in the chart above. It is interactive, so feel free to scroll and move around!

Further sections will go into more detail on best brokers to buy Walt Disney co stocks, technical analysis, classification, or FAQ made for investors. Regardless of owning the stock, or considering owning it, most information will be relevant.

Disney (DIS) stock quick facts

Disney stock trades on the American New York stock exchange and it is an American company. The stock is considered a very steady stock and is also labeled a dividend aristocrat. The market cap is around 250 Billion USD and that is considered large-cap. As a dividend aristocrat, the company has been consistently providing its shareholders with dividends and increasing the amount for over 20 years consecutively.

For those looking to diversify their portfolios, it becomes increasingly more important to assess sector and industry exposure. As already mentioned, Disney is classified under the communication services sector and entertainment service industry. To go a bit further, below you can find a pie chart that shows per type of revenue center, how much it contributes to total revenue:

Disney revenue split breakdown

In general, it is always interesting and indicative, of what others believe about Disney. The company will have a certain outlook that makes for market sentiment to tilt towards a buy-in or buy-off. Disney shares market sentiment: Buy, Sell or Hold:

Best brokers to buy Walt Disney stock

Most brokers offer the stock. However, it's best to visit our reviews page to consider different brokers within your geographical region.

Disney (DIS) Technical Analysis

Based on this page's information, you can conduct your own technical analysis. This information comes directly from TradingView and is updated continuously. If you miss any key information, please contact us and we will look at adding it.

DIS stock fundamental data updated

Below is DIS's valuation, balance sheet, operating metrics, price history, dividends if any, margin & income statement.

T stock FAQ

What is Walt Disney co?

The Walt Disney Co. (DIS) is a diversified global entertainment company known mainly for its theme parks and television networks.disney logo

What does Walt Disney company sell?

Walt Disney sells experiences mostly in the form of theme park visits, movie experiences, and merchandise like toys.

Is Walt Disney co good for the environment?

Walt Disney is not considered good for the environment right now. However, the company is sourcing renewable energies and aims to be carbon neutral in the near future.

Does Walt Disney stock pay dividends?

Yes, Walt Disney (ticker DIS) does pay dividends and has done so quarterly for over 20 years. It is therefore also considered a dividend aristocrat.

Is Walt Disney a good company to invest in?

This depends on a multitude of factors. On this page, you can read about these and decide for yourself.

What is Walt Disneys ESG risk score?

Walt Disney has an ESG risk score of 14, which is considered low. A low-risk score is positive and means the company manages nearly all of its possible ESG risks.

How much does Walt Disney stock cost?

Walt Disney stock currently costs around 135 USD per share.

How volatile is Walt Disney's stock price?

Walt Disney is normally not very volatile. However, during the overvaluation of the market in early 2021, the stock had a high of 184 USD and is currently back down to 135 USD.

What is Walt Disney's PE ratio?

Walt Disney's PE ratio is around 80 and is considered high.

Is Walt Disney overvalued?

Yes, Walt Disney is considered overvalued according to its PE ratio of around 80. A PE of above 20 would be considered overvalued.

Is this a good time to invest in Walt Disney stock?

This depends on a multitude of factors. On this page, you can read about these and decide for yourself.

How do I buy DIS stock?

You can open an online brokerage account and buy Walt Disney stock through the broker. Visit this page for more information.

How do I analyze DIS stock?

On this webpage, a multitude of metrics is provided that assist in analyzing DIS stock.

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