CA a-kasse review

CA a-kasse is a danish nationwide career partner and unemployment fund for 68,000 members. What it does and how it benefits you is written out below.

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Summary CA a-kasse

CA a-kasse is a service you can make use of if you work and/or study in Denmark. Its main goal is to assist you in career progression whilst providing a safety net at the same time.

Services included in CA a-kasse

You can find the below extensive benefits list offered for people studying & working in Denmark:

  • Career advice
  • Career Sparring
  • Career knowledge
  • Social security
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Personal development events
  • Online courses
  • Job search webinars
  • Salary benchmark
  • Assistance in salary negotiation
  • Assistance in employment contract review
  • Feedback on your job resume (CV)
  • Assistance in job search
  • Legal aid
  • Collaboration with other insurance companies

Personal reasons for this service

All the above services exist to ensure a few key principles: Self-development, healthy work-life balance, fairness, career & networking opportunities, and financial safety.

The cost

Rarely are things for free and this service is not either. However, as a student, you can get all the services for free! If you wish to receive legal help only, this is 55 DKK a month. Should you go for the full package including unemployment insurance, then you will pay 505 DKK a month.

Although that seems like a steep price to pay, it eliminates any worries about financial stability and comes with all the previously mentioned benefits.

CA A-kasse - service packages and price

The last challenge is specifically geared towards expats, temporary workers, and other non-Danes. The website at the moment is completely in danish which might put you off. However, in many browsers, you can translate content to English which helps. Note that once you are a member, people will communicate in English if you prefer. Have a look at the official website below:

Visit CA a-kasse

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