Tesla Stock (TSLA)

Tesla stock is an automotive company founded in 2003, yet already worth over 1 Trillion USD according to market cap. Elon Musk has been able to keep the company on a massive growth trajectory, but will it continue?

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To make up your own mind, the can find Tesla's live price above. Further information provided is price development over time and if the market is open right now.

Tesla stock (TSLA) page summary

Browse summarised information is shown as a quick overview. This involved date of Tesla's next earnings report, Earnings per Share, Market Cap and price to earnings. Directly below, you can find the Tesla company profile description and sector & industry highlighted. Specifically of interest when diversifying!

Tesla stock live price

Find the latest Tesla stock price in the chart above. It is interactive, so feel free to scroll and move around!

Further sections will go into more detail on best brokers to buy Tesla stocks, technical analysis, classification or FAQ made for investors. Regardless of owning the stock, or considering owning it, most information will be relevant.

Tesla (TSLA) quick facts

Tesla trades on the American NASDAQ exchange. The stock is considered a growth stock and in the last 3 years, a return of 1,400% has been seen by its investors. The market cap is around 1 Trillion USD and that is impressive seeing the company opened its business in 2003. Just shy of 20 years ago.

For those looking to diversify their portfolio's, it becomes increasingly more important to assess sector and industry exposure. Tesla is classified under the Consumer Cyclical sector and both the Auto Manufacturers industry & Energy Generation and Storage. Under the latter, the company engages in work to generate solar energy.

Tesla shares market sentiment: Buy, Sell or Hold:

Best brokers to buy Tesla stock (TSLA)

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Tesla Technical Analysis

Based on this page's information, you can conduct your own technical analysis. This information comes directly from TradingView and is updated continuously. If you miss any key information, please contact us and we will look at adding it.

Tesla fundamental data updated

Below Tesla's valuation, balance sheet, operating metrics, price history, dividends if any, margin & income statement.


What is Tesla?

Tesla is an electric automotive company that is worth 1 Trillion USD.

What does Tesla sell?

Tesla sells electric cars that are less harmful to the environment than traditional fossil fuel cars.

Is Tesla good for the environment?

Tesla sells products that are less harmful to the environment when green energy is used to charge them.

Does Tesla pay dividends?

No, Tesla stock (ticker TSLA) does not pay dividends.

Is Tesla a good company to invest in?

This depends on a multitude of factors. On this page, you can read about these and decide for yourself.

What is Tesla's ESG score?

Tesla scored 28.5 in 2016 and became 39th out of 82 of its industry peers.

How much does Tesla stock cost?

Tesla stock currently costs around 1.000 USD per share.

How does a stock split affect Tesla stock price?

A stock split will divide Tesla's price by the same factor, of the number of stocks it splits into. Meaning, if Tesla has a split of 4 today, the price would be around 250 USD, and shareholders would receive 4 shares.

How volatile is Tesla's stock price?

Tesla stock is at a near 75% in volatility on a rolling 30 days. It is considered high in the current market.

What is Tesla's PE ratio?

Tesla has a PE ratio of over 350.

Is Tesla overvalued?

Yes, Tesla is overvalued using the traditional PE ratio, which equals over 350. As a rule of thumb, anything over 50 is considered overvalued.

Is this a good time to invest in Tesla stock?

This depends on a multitude of factors. On this page, you can read about these and decide for yourself.

How do I buy Tesla stock?

You can open an online brokerage account and buy Tesla stock through the broker.

How do I analyze Tesla stock?

On this webpage, a multitude of metrics is provided that assist in analyzing Tesla stock.

Tesla logo (TSLA) - Tesla stock

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