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Financial Glossary

Welcome to the Investing Guides’ financial glossary. In the financial world, as with any industry, a lot of technical jargon is used. This does not need to go over your head!

Instead, the financial glossary helps to provide in-depth yet concise explanations. So you know from A to Z what people might say about the market & how this relates to your investing goals.

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Why have a financial glossary?

Investing Guide’s Financial Glossary is here for you! Unsure about a specific term you heard or read about? Odds are we have it listed and, if we don’t, please do contact us to let us know which one we should be adding next!

Financial investing Dictionairy

The glossary was created because we sensed a need for it. Many websites, including the likes of Investopedia, offer a form of financial dictionaries. However, the key difference with this one, is that it is created for investors, by investors. Meaning, we keep it summarised, easy to understand, and applicable for you as the next steps become clear.

Getting started with the financial glossary

So, are you interested in money, finance, and investing? Then go ahead and learn some new words today! We cover the basics, all the way up to more intermediate and in-depth phrases.

What if I know all terms in the financial glossary?

Well, first off, good on you! Second, we add new terms regularly, so it is worth coming back occasionally. Also, terms can take some time to sink in, so feel free to return anytime you need a refresher.

Now, lastly, if you are truly done with this section of Investing Guides, have a look at our other sections such as the Guides.

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