Tax-friendly investing accounts

There are a multitude of tax-friendly investing accounts a beginning investor might consider taking. This article aims to inform you about your options.

What is a tax-friendly investing account?

An account that is taxed less, sometimes not at all, for capital gains made on your investments. These come in retirement plans through companies to long-term stock investing structures initiated by investors themselves.

Starting the process

Firstly, it’s important to consider in which country or countries you are eligible to have & hold an investing account, as the options and rules differ per country.

US options

In the US, a clear split is made between retirement accounts & low tax accounts.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

  1. Traditional IRA
  2. Roth IRA
  3. 401(k)
  4. 403(b)
  5. 457
  6. 529

UK tax-friendly account

In the UK, Individual savings accounts (ISAs) are available.

DK stock account

In Denmark, anyone residing in the country can open 1 Aktiersparekonto (Stock saving account).

FR account types

In France, by using a PEA, you get a significant tax benefit.

  • PEA
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