Alibaba stock (BABA and 9988)

Alibaba stock is a Chinese company providing technology infrastructure and marketing to companies with the aim of connecting China and the world. The company started in 1990, and trades in both the US & HK exchange. Alibaba has had a volatile progression through the years with its current price far below its all-time high.

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To make up your own mind, you can find BABA’s live price above. Further information provided is price development over time and if the market is open right now.

Alibaba Group stock (BABA or 9988) page summary

Browse summarised information is shown as a quick overview. This involved date of Alibaba’s next earnings report, Earnings per Share, Market Cap, and price to earnings. Directly below, you can find Alibaba’s company profile description and sector & industry highlighted. Specifically of interest when diversifying!

Alibaba stock live price

Find the latest Alibaba stock price in the chart above and directly below. It is interactive, so feel free to scroll and move around!

Further sections will go into more detail on best brokers to buy Alibaba stocks, technical analysis, classification, and FAQ made for investors. Regardless of owning the stock, or considering owning it, most information will be relevant.

Alibaba (BABA & 9988) quick facts

Alibaba trades on the American New York Stock exchange, as well as on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The stock has been going through a rough time and isn’t performing very well. It also does not offer dividends. The market cap is around 306 Billion USD and that is significantly less than before as the company’s all-time high was above 3 times its current value.

For those looking to diversify their portfolios, it becomes increasingly more important to assess sector and industry exposure. Alibaba is classified under the consumer cyclical sector and internet retail industry.

Alibaba shares market sentiment: Buy, Sell or Hold:

Best brokers to buy Alibaba stock

Most brokers offer the stock. However, if you are in the US, best to go with a broker such as Robinhood, If originally from Asia you might want to try Tigerbrokers, whilst Europeans are better off with Etoro or IG. If you are from the Nordic, you are investing close to home and may want to choose Saxo or Nordnet. Overall however, Etoro could be a good choice.

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Alibaba Technical Analysis

Based on this page’s information, you can conduct your own technical analysis or derive direct conclusions already. This information comes directly from TradingView and is updated continuously. If you miss any key information, please contact us and we will look at adding it.

Alibaba fundamental data updated

Below Alibaba’s valuation, balance sheet, operating metrics, price history, dividends if any, margin & income statement.

Alibaba (BABA & 9988) FAQ

What is Alibaba?

Alibaba is a facilitator of internet retail between China and the rest of the world.

What does Alibaba sell?

Alibaba sells inventory from third-party producers ranging from electronics to gardening tools.

Is Alibaba good for the environment?

No, Alibaba is not good for the environment currently. However, the company has announced it is committed to being carbon neutral by 2035.

Does Alibaba pay dividends?

No, Alibaba stock (ticker BABA or 9988) does not pay dividends.

Is Alibaba a good company to invest in?

This depends on a multitude of factors. On this page, you can read about these and decide for yourself.

What is Alibaba’s ESG score?

Alibaba scored 28 out of 100 in 2022 and this is considered medium. The lower the value, the better the company is at managing all potential environmental risks.

How much does Alibaba stock cost?

Alibaba stock currently costs around 96 USD or 90 HKD per share.

What is Alibabas PE ratio?

Alibaba has a PE ratio of over 25, which is considered at fair value.

Is Alibaba overvalued?

No, Alibaba is no longer considered overvalued as the latest correction has declined its PE ratio to 25-ish.

Is this a good time to invest in Alibaba stock?

This depends on a multitude of factors. On this page, you can read about these and decide for yourself.

How do I buy Alibaba stock?

You can open an online brokerage account and buy Alibaba stock through the broker. Brokers who offer Alibaba stock can be found on this page.

How do I analyze Alibaba stock?

On this webpage, a multitude of metrics is provided that assist in analyzing Alibaba stock.

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