How to invest guides

Our how to invest guides are meant to prepare you for the type of investing you wish to do. Have a look around if unsure which one fits your personal preference. Remember, we are available for your questions!

Factors that influence an investment’s value

This page provides an exhaustive list of factors that can influence the value of an investment. 1.Economic conditions GDP growth ...

Investing as an expat living in Denmark

As an expat living in Denmark, you may be less familiar with how investing works within this country. Find some ...

Choosing a broker in the US

When it comes to choosing a broker in the United States, there are several important factors to consider. From regulation ...

Etoro academy review

★★★★★ Are you looking to learn more about investing or trading? Etoro might be the solution. Read our full Etoro ...

A step-by-step guide: How to create an account at Plus500

I created a new account at Plus500 and experienced their onboarding without any help, so you don’t have to! Create ...

Start investing in Commodities

Commodities are in the news often. An oil shortage/surplus, or expectations of one, can influence the commodity price. But how ...

A step-by-step guide: creating an account at Etoro

I created a new account at Etoro and struggled with onboarding, so you don't have to! Creating an account at ...

Create a broker account at any broker

You are ready to create a broker account. Although none are identical, they all share common features. In this article, ...

ESG investing

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance and these are the three main areas that are usually meant. When it ...
Investing pie chart

Dissect an ETF

Deciding if an ETF is for you should not be a chore. This is why Investing Guides has written the ...
Investing growth

Start Investing in 7 steps

So, you want to invest? But still unsure where to start, or how to stay confident and in control? Preparing ...
Investing questions

Beat doubts to start investing

Many people do not feel comfortable getting started with investing. This article will show you how to beat doubts to ...

How invest guides & get over doubt

Are you in doubt about investing? You are not the only one. Many people struggle to find relevant and reliable information about investing.

This is partly due to sites receiving payment for writing certain content & brokers having an interest in onboarding you. However, knowledge remains power and investing guides believes this belongs to the people!

How to invest guide about doubt

Even though this website might be showing you display ads (we need to pay our bills too), we do not have any interest in misleading you. So if you are in doubt about how to start investing, then see if this article can help you.

Perhaps you are lacking a process?

But you do not know how to pick your first products? ETFs can be a good start thanks to their automatic diversification. Yet, a lot of terms & data is thrown at you when you first look at an ETF.

How to invest guide on ETFs

If you are lost or want to avoid being overwhelmed, perhaps checking out this article on how to dissect an ETF will be of use to you.

It talks about each step that can help you to pick the best ETF according to best practices & your own preference. The real value is in the reusability of the steps & the ease of getting used to the method, so you can do your own research going forward.

You might be ready to invest?

If you are ready to invest, you do not need many how to invest guides. Yet, it might be helpful to read just one more about just that topic. In 7 steps you will be guided through the process from setting personal financial goals, to the first trade executed.

How to invest guides for frontrunners

Of course, it’s more than possible that you are already more along in the process. In that case, simply skip the steps you have completed already. You can always come back to the page if you are short on time or have to take a break.

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