A step-by-step guide: How to create an account at Plus500

I created a new account at Plus500 and experienced their onboarding without any help, so you don’t have to! Create an account at Plus 500 by following the below steps.

Start at the beginning if you do not have an account yet. Already have an account, but got stuck? Then log in to your account & follow along! This link opens in another tab so you can keep using this page.

It all starts at Plus500

Given you found this page, I am going to assume you want to create an account at Plus 500. To no surprise, the first thing you want to do is head on over to Plus 500 and follow along. You can use several links and buttons throughout this article for convenience.

Broker name TypeReviewRatingSite
Plus500CFD broker (Trading)Read Review4 out of 5Visit Broker

‘86% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.’

Start your account creation – Arriving on the site

When you get to plus500.com, you will be asked to accept cookies.

Plus500 promt to accept cookies

Once you have accepted cookies, make sure you select your preferred language from the language selector on the top right.

I prefer English, so we will keep it in this language setting:

Plus500 language selector with 29 languages.

If you have a different preference, thankfully, the options are wide.

You can choose: Česky, Dansk, Deutsch, Eesti, Español, Eλληνικά, Français, Hrvatski, íslenska, Italiano, Latviešu, Lietuviškai, Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português, Pyccĸий, Română, Slovenčina, Slovenski, Suomeksi, Svenska, Türkçe, български, עברית, العربية, 简体中文 or 繁體中文.

Starting the Plus500 open account process

Next, you want to click on the big blue button on the top right saying ‘ Start Trading’:

Plus500 homepage with start trading button to create an account

This brings you to a screen where you are prompted to enter your email & preferred password.

Plus500 create account screen

One major benefit is the possibility of providing this information in one click by using your Google, Facebook, or Apple account instead.

I personally used my Google account to make the process a lot faster. If you choose this method, you will be asked to confirm that you want to sign in:

Plus500 Google account confirmation

Within the Plus500 platform – Continue signing up

Once you confirm, you are thrown directly into the Plus500 web application:

Plus500 application platform home screen

At this stage, you receive a welcome email as well which will be shown below as it is identical to the information received in the notification section of your Plus 500 account.

Continue the account creation process to deposit funds

Now this is where it gets a little tricky. As Plus500 guides you less from now on.

If you are ready to deposit, click on the bottom left toolbar on the bank icon:

Plus500 left hand side menu

Deposit page – Account incomplete

On this page, you can click ‘deposit’ to continue account creation:

Register Plus500 account screen

Press the blue ‘Let’s Go’ button to continue.

Personal details

It’s time to enter personal information and verify you are the person you say you are. KYC, or ‘know your customer’ is legally required for brokers to conduct. So do not worry, your information is kept safe & confidential.

From now on, all views have a ‘Why do we collect this’ option in case you are in doubt if you need to provide the information requested.

Plus500 personal details screen - Open account

Next, you confirm your Country of residence, nationality, and place of birth.

Automatically, Plus500 will autofill your sign-up information based on your IP address.

You can, of course, change this if incorrect.

There is an additional box to tick if you are not a US citizen, based on tax requirements.

Denmark is my current Country of Residence.

Plus500 country details screen - Open account

Next, we confirm where we live right now & click Next:

Plus500 address details screen - Open account

After confirming, we are asked to enter our BSN/CPR/personal identification number (varies per country).

Plus500 CPR screen - Open account

Investment Knowledge

In most countries, it’s a legal requirement for brokers to assess any new client’s knowledge of investing and/or trading.

Before you can fully join Plus 500, you are also required to fill in this test. Don’t worry, this is used to suggest the right products for you, but it will not limit you in what you end up trading.

Below is the first of several screens with questions, which are all multiple-choice:

Plus500 knowledge assessment screen - Open account

Employment & Economy

After the quiz is completed, Plus500 asks you about your employability & political status.  This is purely to assess the source of your current funds (anti-money laundering Act).

Plus500 economic profile screen - Open account
Plus500 financial details screen - Open account

Trading profile

Here, you can inform Plus500 about your trading preference so the company can better suggest actions that fit your trading interests.

Note, you are also acknowledging that any traded asset with Plus500 is a CFD product.

Plus500trading profile screen - Open account

Final acceptance

All there is left to do is accept the several policies before you join Plus500. Although tedious, I recommend reading through these thoroughly.

Plus500terms and conditions screen - Open account

Deposit page – Plus500 Sign up complete

Congratulations on fully completing your account with Plus500.

You should now be greeted with the deposit view below & can fund your account for the first time.

Note, a minimum deposit of 1.000 Kr (or your local currency equivalent) is needed to complete your deposit.

Plus500 deposit screen - Open account

Once you have completed your deposit with PayPal, Trustly, or by Bank transfer, there is one final verification left.

Verifying your Plus500 account

Before you start trading, it is essential to verify your account to keep the ability to fund & trade.

You verify by navigating to the top left screen & click Verify Account

Plus500 verify account menu - Open account

You are now asked to provide several documents to finish the KYC process.

As I live in Denmark, your documents are likely different:

Plus500 verification center screen - Open account

Placing your first trade

Congratulations on completing the entire process of creating an account at Plus500.

Navigate to the Plus500 trade section & choose an instrument you are interested in trading by scrolling, using the right product navigation list, or using the search bar.

Plus500 platform screen - first trade

Afterward, simply click on buy or sell and fill in the trading ticket details as with any other broker.

Plus500 popular instruments to buy or sell screen
Broker name TypeReviewRatingSite
Plus500CFD broker (Trading)Read Review4 out of 5Visit Broker

‘86% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.’

Extra: Support at Plus500

Did you encounter an error & got stuck?

When logged in, the bottom left has a live chat feature, which when clicked will appear in your bottom right.

Here, you can ask any question you have:

Plus500 support screen - Open account
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