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In this section of Investing Guides, we look at particular markets, sectors, industries and even theme’s to invest in.

Articles about Investing in X

It can be hard to figure out what to invest in. Investing in something should mean you are motivated by a larger goal. This can be increasing your wealth, supporting your local company & economy, ethical beliefs and/or a sustainable future.

Investing in oil

Investing in oil refers to participating in the oil market with the goal of earning a return on your investment ...

3D Printing

3D printing, although a few years old by this point, has had a significant impact on many industries. Surprisingly, there ...

S&P500 Index (SPX)

The S&P500 index is considered to be the most common way to evaluate the performance of the top 500 US ...

NIFTY 50 stock Index (NSEI)

The Nifty 50 stock index covers the largest 50 publicly traded companies on the India exchange. It follows the National ...

Energy stock portfolio in 2023

With the stock market being turned on its head in 2022, could an energy stock portfolio be the answer? It's ...

Investing in bitcoin

Bitcoin(BTC) is a decentralized, digital currency, and one of the first digital currencies — which was launched in 2009. Investing ...

Investing in healthcare stocks

Healthcare stocks are a huge sector. In fact, they make up the second-largest sector of the S&P 500 index, comprising ...
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It seems to be a discussion going on for a very long time now. Is it better to invest in ...
Investing pie chart

GICS sectors

Investing in the GICS sectors. How are they defined? Why do these matter & how do you invest in one? ...

Deciding your motivation

Once you have decided on your primary goal, you can priortize the rest based on your next most important motivator. This way, when investing in an instrument, you tick off your goals and can be 100% behind your decisions.

Join us on this journey and, we hope, you will find your next investment interest. Reach out to us if you are missing anything we might write about next!

Investing in commodities

It can prove smart to invest in commodities if you believe a resource is currently undervalued or could become more scarce. As both should lead to a price increase in the near future.

However, depending on the commodity, it can also help fight inflation. As prices rise, certain commodities increase too. The commodity most labelled to counter inflation is gold. Hence, investing in gold is a possibility and is done regularly by many investors.

Investing in industries & sectors to diversify

Whenever you consider investing in the next thing, it’s good to understand what GICS sector it belongs to. This can help shape your diversification strategy or help you capture a potential overexposure early on.

Overexposure is when you have invested too heavily in one particular industry, country, commodity, currency or otherwise. This leads to a high dependency on the instrument(s).

Let’s say you had only invested in .com websites prior to the .com bubble, then you might have lost nearly all your money, as you had no other investments that could counteract that loss.

Investing in ethical & sustainable beliefs

A trend & powerful way to make an impact using your finance is investing in socially responsible companies. The concept of SRI & ESG is relatively new but has quickly gained traction.

Aside from a sense of responsibility and justification, it can still be advantageous to one’s wallet. One example of this would be to only support clean energy through ETFs. If energy is generated by water, wind or sun, it’s considered renewable.

The world is your oister

Investing in any type of product should follow your personal goals. This webpage has plenty of inspirational articles and Investing Guides is here to support you.

Yet if you do not stand behind your investments on a personal level, you can fall victim to emotional investing. This is when you start making choices based on emotions only and forego any rationality involved.

If you are sitting there believing this won’t happen to you, then trust us, it might. It is human to be led by your emotions.

Consider this example. You have chosen to invest in oil. You do not believe this is a particularly good resource, but it seemed the offer the biggest return. A week later an oil crisis occurs and you see oil drop by 40%.

At this moment, your mind will race and question your initial investment. Without proper belief in oil, you will most likely end up selling and take a loss out of fear. However, if you had invested with a strong belief, you would have held your ground and most likely seen oil recover over time.

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