Investing review

Investing reviews

Investing with a broker, a certain account type, or otherwise, a new concept can be daunting and outright scary. In investing reviews, we focus on brokers, account types and much more.

Articles about Investing Reviews

Etoro money review

Etoro Money is a service offered by the broker Etoro. In this review, we look at what it is exactly, ...
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CMC markets review

★★★★★ I have tested CMC markets for a while now and I have to say that I am really happy ...
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Plus500 broker review

★★★★ In this Plus500 broker review, we deep-dive into a trader focus platform. It is known for CFD trading and ...
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Etoro Crypto Trading Review

Etoro is a popular online trading platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade in cryptocurrencies. The platform is ...
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Etoro Smart Portfolios review

Investing in the stock market is one of many strategies to try and build wealth. Unfortunately, many investors lack the ...
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Investing review

Etoro copy trading review 2023

★★★★★ Copy trading is a way to copy what other traders do so you can make the same investments. You ...
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Investing review

IG Academy Review

★★★★ There are a plethora of educational courses and demo accounts out there. But what if there was one that ...
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Nordnet broker review

★★★★★ We take a look at Nordnet and provide our experience, throughs, and facts. Read the Nordnet broker review today ...
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Fusion markets broker review

★★★★ Fusion markets is a trader heavy forex & CFD broker. In this review, we will deep dive into the ...
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Admiral markets review

★★★★ During this Admiral Markets review, we will discuss platform features, costs, products & overall user experience. Visit the broker ...
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Fractional shares brokers review

Are you considering fractional shares brokers? Read about what benefits they might bring and how you can get started with ...
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Zero commission brokers

Zero commission brokers are online stockbrokers that do not charge commissions for placing trades. This type of broker is typically ...
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Bux Zero broker review

★★★★ Bux Zero is an online broker that offers a trading platform for online investments. The company was founded in ...
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Trading 212 Broker Review

★★★★ Trading 212 is a popular online broker that offers stock trading, fractional share investing, auto investing, CFD trading on ...
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Blackbull markets review

★★★★ Blackbull Markets Limited is an online broker that provides retail and institutional traders with access to the global financial ...
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Free stocks brokers review

Most likely as a (beginning) investor or trader, you have seen the offers made by brokers through free stocks. Free ...
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Kraken broker review

★★★★ Kraken is a crypto exchange that aims to be for everyone, but is it? During the Kraken review, you ...
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Saxo Bank open account

Saxo bank offers several fast ways to open an account that take less than 2 minutes. All it requires is ...
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Investing review

The Intelligent Investor Book Review

★★★★★ The intelligent investor is a book that describes the start of, and current mechanics of market conditions and how ...
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Investing review

Saxo Scenarios Review

★★★★ Saxo markets UK just launched its Saxo Scenarios 'game'. Replay market history-defining events with the knowledge of today using ...
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In this day and age the world, and the internet, is full of investing information. Yet, unless you are an expert, much can go over your head or the knowledge comes at a steep price.

Not here. All information on this website is free and encouraged to read through to make up your own investing journey. Although the information on site discusses terms, instruments & guides on getting started, nothing is meant to ‘sell’ you any expectations on performance.

Quite the opposite in fact. It is meant for you to help understand your personal goals and act on them accordingly. Take the reviews on this page for example. These are meant to inform you that if you are looking for a certain thing, it might fit your needs- If not, you shouldn’t try.

Don’t try it all

Because of the astounding offering out there, you might be tempted to simply go with the first available option. That is usually not the best though.

You also do not wish to be opening accounts left and right. Or visiting every single website of an alternative. Instead, you could browse the investing reviews on this page

Broker reviews

Investing guides is going through the experience of being an investor at a multitude of brokers, so you don’t have to. Let us save you your time, effort & most importantly, money.

All investing reviews are taken from the perception of an investor. So we cover the basics of opening an account, all the way up to placing a trade & using their education section.

No broker review would be complete without a price consideration and the product they offer most of. Finally, we also touch on the expected time to solve any issues or get help.

Book reviews

Investing can be learned relatively quickly. But to master it & stay on the path, is a whole different ballgame. Many an investor have written extensive guides & thoughts on investing in the market.

Investing Guides aims to provide these book reviews for those who do not feel content within our website’s boundaries. Investing reviews on these books gives you an idea if it’s worth reading. Just like the broker reviews, it will save you time, money & effort.

Education & gaming reviews

Finally, we arrive at the education & gaming reviews. You can never be done learning, and the investment space keeps developing. This is why good, reliable & relevant content has become so valuable.

To make sure you do not have to create many demo accounts & give your money away, we explore ‘free’ academies and highlight their hidden agenda and actual usefulness to investors.

On the gaming end, we explore simulations that let you compete in a mirror of the real investing markets, with fake money. On occasion, we also find interactive actual games that involve investing in one shape, way or form.

Investing reviews overall

So, regardless of which subcategory sparks your interest, you can get started with any of these investing reviews right now to expand your knowledge and save you time & money down the line.

No tricks, no sale attempts, simply the truth for you to digest. Happy reading!

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