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Endavu; the mysterious stockbroker of 2023

Endavu, a Danish startup is planning on disrupting the financial industry.

The co-founders of this newly found broker appear to be very mysterious about their launch.

Yet, from their website and listings online, we know the below paraphrased.

What is Endavu?

Endavu official broker logo & flavicon

Endavu is to become a revolutionary platform designed to level the playing field in the financial markets.

Currently, the top 10% of individuals capture 80% of the stock market wealth, benefiting from better services and pricing, while hidden fees and complexity make it challenging for the financially inexperienced.

Endavu aims to change this by offering a comprehensive and equitable mobile-first financial ecosystem.

Their mission is to provide everyone with access to personal finance services on the best possible terms, combined with a world-class user experience.

This includes simplifying investment to a Spotify-like ease, making it valuable for those seeking to invest with fairness and ease.

How do I keep up to date?

Endavu, as a mobile-first investment platform, is planned to launch later this year (2023).

That’s all we know.

As curious as us? You can sign up to become one of their early access users on their website.

I’m curious

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