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IG Academy Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

There are a plethora of educational courses and demo accounts out there. But what if there was one that was both for free & would allow you to try out their investing broker account? Introducing, IG academy.

Note: As or right now IG is recommended for educational purposes, for actual investing Etoro scores better:

Broker name TypeReviewRatingBroker site
EtoroInvestor & TraderLink4.6Visit broker

*eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your
capital is at risk.

What is IG academy?

IG Academy is an education tool that provides access to (at currently eleven) stand-alone courses marked from beginner to advanced. All the content in both written and video form is free to access. It also allows you to participate in any live webinars that might be happening soon.

An IG academy account is needed

However, you do need to create an IG academy account. Enter your name, country of residence, email address, and phone number. Choose a username and password to secure the account. Although IG asks for this information, it’s relatively little compared to the data (and money) an organization usually needs to provide access to this kind of knowledge.

IG academy - open account form
Screenshot of the open account form to get IG academy

Once you have your IG academy login, it never expires. Moreover, it comes with a free demo of its trading platform. This way, you can also experiment and see if their platform is for you, without any financial risk involved.

IG demo account after creating IG academy
Overview of ‘fake money after getting a demo from IG

Learning by using the IG academy

7 courses from beginner to advanced
Screenshot of an overview of courses

Whilst the IG academy is somewhat pushy on the notion of becoming a trader, in InvestingGuides investor opinion is. IG can’t be blamed as the knowledge is given away for free, which is a great service. It is recommended to maintain a healthy skepticism about margin trading whilst going through the lessons.

The actual content on IG Academy

The courses are very heavily skewed to get you familiar with IG’s platform. In comparison to the more stand-alone explanation that applies to any broker given by InvestingReviews, it might take a moment to get used to.

Still, it is very worth it as a free source that covers topics like order execution and fundamental analysis or risk control all the way up to the psychology of investing/trading.

Right before you start a course, an overview is provided. Here, the topic is introduced in a quick summary. You can read the main benefits of completing the course as well.

Then, by scrolling down within a course, you will notice several ‘lessons’ to complete. Each IG academy lesson has a time indicator to make you aware of how long you will have to spend on it.

IG academy course example of lesson overview and main benefits
Course overview and lesson example

Going mobile

Should you be oftentimes on the go, or prefer to learn from a mobile screen? Perhaps because your investment will also be done through a similar device?

Download the complete standalone app from IG onto your phone in order to browse through the same information. Find the app in the android or IOS store for free.

Final verdict

Although the site/app doesn’t cover all information needed to become a smart investor, and the content is more favorable towards trading, the overall knowledge provided for free is valuable enough to justify the account required to gain access.

As a result, InvestingReviews has awarded a 4-star rating after browsing all content available. How did you experience the academy? Do you agree with our verdict, or not at all? Let us know in the below comment section.

Are you ready to start investing or trading? In that case, our reviews show Etoro is a solid choice:

Broker name TypeReviewRatingBroker site
EtoroInvestor & TraderLink4.6Visit broker

*eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your
capital is at risk.

What is IG Academy?

IG Academy is an educational tool from the broker IG. It offers free online courses, webinars and seminars. However, you do need to create an account before you can access it.

Should I get IG academy?

You should consider IG academy if you are learning how to be an investor or trader and/or if you are considering IG as your future broker.

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