Saxo Bank open account

Saxo bank offers several fast ways to open an account that take less than 2 minutes. All it requires is for you to be a resident from, or residing in, one of the following countries:

  1. Denmark
  2. Singapore
  3. Belgium

Saxo Bank open account – Denmark

If you are a danish citizen or living in Denmark with a CPR number, then you can create a Saxo bank account in 2 minutes using your nemID or mitID. Instead of going through all the pesky steps of opening an account, all information will be taken from your government account which instantly verifies your identity as well. This can save you between several hours to several weeks.

NemID, soon only mitID, are digital accounts by the government used for citizens to log into self-services from banking to digital posts.

Singapore & MySingPass

If you are from Singapore, or currently staying in the country and working there, you will have access to your digital ID called Singpass. Using Singpass with Saxo Bank when opening your account significantly fast tracks the procedure. You can get started in roughly 2 minutes instead of days to weeks.

Singpass is a government solution that provides citizens with a national digital identity to log into over 700 government and private institutions safely and quickly.

Belgium & Former Binck

In Belgium, Saxo Bank took over Binck and has chosen to keep several methods of speeding up your account opening. If you are a proud holder of either itsme or Eid, then you will save a lot of time and effort in getting started. Both methods will automatically verify your identity with the broker and have you going in no time.

Saxo bank open account in other countries

To clarify, if you are from a different country than Denmark, Singapore or Belgium, you are still able to start the Saxo bank open account procedure. However, expect several days before you are able to use your account, as the KYC (know your client) procedure will take time.

Start onboarding with Saxo Bank manually

Saxo Bank open account
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