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Saxo Scenarios Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Saxo markets UK just launched its Saxo Scenarios ‘game’. Replay market history-defining events with the knowledge of today using the simulator.

You can replay the ‘Trade war’ and compete for the best portfolio / high score with all other players. Aside from being fun, it turns out to be rather educational and challenging too. There are also rewards to win for finishing first!

Saxo Scenarios - Choose a scenario

Why Saxo Scenarios?

Gamification is everywhere these days. The likes of Etoro and Robinhood have already incorporated this into their platforms. More traditional brokers however are starting to lag behind. The pressure of an ever-growing need amongst humans to be entertained is felt. Moreover, a shortening attention span adds more reason to find new ways of attracting investors.

Introducing Saxo scenarios. As an investor, it’s the perfect environment to learn the relationship between news, market fluctuations and your own response. Playing a scenario several times might even serve as enlightening.

Playing a Scenario

Getting started is very easy. First, navigate to the platform itself. Secondly, choose a scenario on screen, as shown in the image above. Whilst the game will expand on scenarios over time, currently, two are available to choose from.

Once you have chosen a scenario, you pick a character. Investors come in all different shapes and sizes, and here several backgrounds are available to you.

Saxo Scenarios - Choosing a character

Now all that’s left is to enter a Nickname (we will come back to why this is important) and follow the tutorial if this is your first time using it. Once all of that is done and over, the fun begins!

Gamification done right?

We established Saxo Scenarios are fun and educational, but is the game all we had hoped for? Well, not exactly. It is well put together and offers replayability through scoreboards (nicknames and all included). But it’s not without flaws.

At first, the screen you play in gets rather overwhelming with multiple sections moving, flashing or otherwise competing for your attention. The timer, introduced to undoubtedly remind you of the timeliness of an opportunity, can be stressful at times. Moreover, if you decide to continue playing before it runs out, it continues to count down.

Saxo Scenarios - mid scenario playing

All in all though, when seen as some good fun and the potential to learn a thing or two, Saxo Scenarios lives up to its descriptive name. Have a look yourself and let us know how well (or bad) you did in the comments below. You can even share your results with friends using the link received in the end!

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What is Saxo Scenarios?

Saxo Scenarios is an investing simulator where you can replay historical events (scenarios) to learn, compete and win prizes.

Should I play Saxo Scenarios?

Investors who wish to understand historical market events, as well as the relationship between the market and their portfolio, would benefit from playing the simulator.

Is Saxo Scenarios free?

Yes, you can play the simulator completely free.

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