Etoro Club explained

Etoro offers clients that trade with the broker 5 tiers of the Etoro club. But what is it & is it worth considering?

What is the Etoro club?

Etoro Club is an exclusive offer based on your total Etoro balance. The higher your balance, the more exclusive tier you belong to.

What are the benefits?

Each tier gives you access to different benefits & some shared ones.

In summary, all benefits fit within the following categories:

  • Service
  • Discounts
  • Insights
  • Subscriptions
  • Events

Shared benefits

Benefits for all tiers above Bronze:

  • Club Dashboard Overview                                                             
  • Dedicated Account Manager                                                                       
  • Daily Market Summary reports                                                  
  • Free live Webinars                                                                          
  • Free data-based Smart Portfolios                                                                              
  • Free eToro Money Visa Debit Card                                                                           
  • Customer Service Live Chat
  • Free Automatic Tax Report
  • Free Delta PRO Portfolio insights

Unique benefits

Crypto Staking85%85%85%90%90%
ETH 2.0 Staking85%85%85%90%90%
Discounted Tax Return5%10%15%20%25%
Weekly Market Analysis YESYESYESYES
WhatsApp with Account Managers YESYESYESYES
No Withdrawal Fees  YESYESYES
Trading Central Research & Analysis platform  YESYESYES
Discount or exemption on Exchange Fees  50%50%100%
The Wall Street Journal Subscription  YESYESYES
Interest on Balance  2.40%2.90%3.40%
Insurance up to 1 million EURO or AUD   YESYES
Invitations to Top Tier Industry Events   YESYES
Tickets to Handpicked Sporting Events   YESYES
Access to leading digital financial publications    YESYES
eToro Club Trading Academy   YESYES
Access to leading digital financial publications    YES
Invitation to a Diamond Member Event    YES
Crypto Cashback Program    YES

How is my tier determined?

Etoro Club determines your tier based on your total balance. Everyone who opens an account becomes bronze tier. From there, each tier requires a higher balance to be admitted.

Current tiers are:

  • Bronze – Everyone
  • Silver – Between 5.000 USD and 9.999 USD
  • Gold – Between 10.000 USD and 24.999 USD
  • Platinum – Between 25.000 USD and 49.999 USD
  • Platinum Plus – Between 50.000 USD and 249.999 USD
  • Diamond – Over 250.00 USD
Etoro club tiers - name & balance requirement

What should I do to participate?

Participation is automatic and every 24 hours your tier status will be checked to see if you are eligible for an upgrade. If so, this too happens automatically.

Downgrading happens after falling below the requirements and a 6-month period has elapsed if you are silver, golden, or platinum.

Diamond and platinum plus members have an extended 1-year grace period after falling below the requirements for their tier.

If you are not an Etoro account holder yet, find out how to create an Etoro account.

If you have an account but do not meet the tier requirements yet, click here to log in & fund.

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